School of Mathematics Teaching


Details for the MScBase Peer Support Drop-in.


The MScBase is a Peer Support Drop-In session that happens weekly per programme. You can meet your Academic Cohort Lead and/or a PhD student who can offer subject specific advice on your courses and course material.

The MScBase takes place in the MScHub which is JCMB Room 6309. 

Financial Mathematics (FMO/CMF)

Time: Thursdays 12pm-1pm

Tutor: Calum Strange

About Calum:

I am a fourth year PhD student studying Probability and Stochastic analysis. I took the CMF MSc in 2019 and have tutored the courses over my PhD. Over summer I completed an Internship with a Market making firm (SIG) as a Quant researcher and I will be returning full time once I complete my studies. SIG runs a trading internship which may be of interest to many of you.

Profile Picture of Nina
Nina Fischer

Statistics (SwDS/SOR)

Time: Thursdays 12pm-1pm

Tutor: Nina Fischer

About Nina:

  • Currently doing a PhD in Statistics at UofE with the E4 DTP (started in September 2021, so in 2nd year now)
  • SwDS MSc in 2020-2021 at UofE
  • Undergrad: MA in Maths and Economics at Glasgow University 2016-2020
  • Grew up in Germany before going to University in Glasgow
Profile Picture of Claire
Claire Zhang

Operational Research programmes (OR)

Time: Wednesdays, 12pm-1pm

Tutor: Claire Zhang

About Claire:

  • Currently a PhD student in OR at UoE.
  • OR with Data Science MSc in 2020-2021 at UofE
  • Undergrad: Statistics and Data Science in Sichuan University (China) 2016-2020
  • A gamer and a Linux enthusiast if you want to chat about those. :)