School of Mathematics Teaching

Student representation

Class and Programme Representatives, Student-Staff Liaison Committee and School Council.

Programme Representatives

Your Programme Representatives represent your views on your course and programme.  They ensure that Academic and Support staff are continually listening to and engaging with students to improve the student experience. Ultimately, Programme Reps work in partnership with Staff to improve the student experience for current and future students.

What do Programme Reps do?

Student-Staff Liaison Committee

The  Student-Staff Liaison Committees (SSLCs) are comprised of programme reps and relevant members of staff, such as the Programme Directors and the Director of Teaching. The names of your class reps are listed below. You should contact them if you would like an issue raised at an SSLC meeting.  

Programme Reps 2022-23

SSLC meeting schedule 2022-2023

The SSLC meets three times per academic year. Class reps can request that the Chair call an additional meeting at any time. 

  • 1 Meeting Semester 1: Wednesday 26 October, 3.15pm - 4.15pm
  • 1 Meeting Semester 2: Wedneday 15 February, 1pm - 3pm 
  • 1 Meeting Dissertation Period: Date TBC

SSLC meeting minutes

The School is committed to keeping students informed of the changes that are made as a result of feedback from students at SSLC meetings. Minutes from the meetings are accessible to all students. 

Application process

Before applying to become a Programme Rep, please read the School of Mathematics representation statement and make sure you are happy with what the role involves:


Application Form 2022