School of Mathematics Teaching

Student Advisers

Learn about your first point of contact for support during your studies.

What We Do

Your Student Adviser is your primary contact during your time at the University of Edinburgh. We will support you throughout your study journey and provide you with guidance for any issues that may arise whilst you are on the Programme. 

You are encouraged to contact us as soon as possible if any issues arise that might interfere with your assessments or progress through the programme. If more support is needed, we will be able to help you navigate specialist services, including our Wellbeing Service and Student Counselling Service. 

Who We Are

What We Can Help With

If you wish to contact us, please email the School of Maths Student Support team at


  • Meetings: You are expected to have at least one meeting with your Student Adviser during the taught part of the degree. This can be in Semester 1 or Semester 2. You can sign up for these meetings at the start of each semester. During the dissertation period, you will meet regularly with your project supervisor and you can request a meeting with us at any point.
  • Contacting Us While Not On Campus: If you are not on campus, then your meetings may take place by telephone, live internet call, or a web conferencing application.

These meetings are all about you, so please use this opportunity to think about your personal and professional development, as well as your concerns. If there are any circumstances that you feel are affecting your progress or well-being at university, or if you are struggling, feeling unmotivated or think things could be going better, please get in touch.