School of Mathematics Teaching

Mathematics Teaching Organisation

Mathematics Teaching Organisation information and contact details

Located in JCMB 5211, The Mathematics Teaching Organisation (MTO) is responsible for Undergraduate and Postgraduate taught programmes and the related course administration, providing support to staff and students concerning teaching-related processes.

The Mathematics Teaching Organisation (MTO) team can provide assistance with:

  • timetables and room bookings
  • programme and course support
  • tutorial groups
  • coursework and examinations


MTO contacts

Name Role Programmes/Courses
Alice Heatley Teaching Organisation Manager  
Luke Caudrey Deputy Teaching Organisation Manager (Postgraduate)  
Jill Timmins Deputy Teaching Organisation Manager (Undergraduate)  
Louise Durie Teaching Programmes Administrator Year 1 
Frances Reid Teaching Programmes Administrator Year 1 
Martin Delaney Teaching Programmes Administrator Year 2 & 5
Chris Palmer Teaching Programmes Administrator Year 3 
Alison Fairgrieve Teaching Programmes Administrator Year 4 
Gemma Aitchison Teaching Programmes Administrator Postgraduate taught

Mathematics Teaching Organisation (MTO) Structure and Contacts


How we are managing staff queries – Online and on-campus  


  • Email

You can email the MTO team directly or via our mail box:  


  • Teams meeting

You can contact each MTO team member directly via Teams. You will be able to see their availability in their status. You can contact them via chat. You can also arrange a Teams video call.  


  • On-campus meeting

MTO are currently in the office on a rota basis. The remainder of the time the team will be working from home. If you would like an in person meeting with someone in MTO, you must contact them in advance to arrange this.  


MTO has a room capacity of 7. As you enter MTO please check that you will not be exceeding this number by entering the room. If there are already 7 people in MTO please come back at a later time.  


Hand sanitiser is available for you to use on entry and exit.  


Unless you have a good reason to not wear one, you must wear a face covering when you visit MTO. The team in the office have safety measures in place, i.e. distancing between desks / screen separators, so that they will not be wearing a face covering when they are in the office. If you will not be wearing a face covering when you visit the office, please let MTO know in advance so that they can wear a face covering.


MTO Rota

  Mon 30 Nov Tue 1 Dec Wed  2 Dec Thu 3 Dec Fri 4 Dec
Jill Timmins    9:00-17:00     9:00-17:00
Luke Caudrey 9:00-16:30 9:00-16:30      
Gemma Aitchison   9:00-17:00   9:00-17:00  
Louise Durie       9:00-17:00  
Alison Fairgrieve     9:30-14:00    
Chris Palmer     9:00-17:00   9:00-17:00
Frances Reid 9:00 - 14:30        
Martin Delaney     9:00-17:00