School of Mathematics Teaching

Student Voice

Information about student feedback, Programme Representatives and the Student-Staff Liaison Committee

The School of Mathematics welcomes students' thoughts on what they feel works and what could be improved. We will act on suggestions, where possible, in the current or following academic year. There are a few different ways in which we collect and action student feedback.

Course Feedback

Students asked to complete anonymous course feedback at the middle and end of each semester. All thoughts go straight to the Course Organiser who will aim to directly address any issues raised and will inform students of any outcomes. End of semester course feedback will also be made available to the School Teaching Programmes Committee (TPC). The TPC develops policy on the delivery of taught courses and monitors activity within those courses. 

All students are encouraged to directly contact the Course Organiser or Course Administrator throughout semester with any questions concerning the delivery or content of the course. Contact details can be found on the course Learn page under Course Contacts.

Students are also welcome to bring any issues to their Programme Representative who can address these on their behalf.

Programme Representatives

Within the School of Maths, there is one UG and one PGT School Representative, and usually one or two Programme Representatives per UG year group and PGT programme. Students volunteer or are elected at the beginning of each academic year. They represent students' views on courses and programmes, and ensure that Academic and Support staff are continually listening to and engaging with students. 

The Reps for this academic year and their contact details can be found below.

Programme Representative application process

To be eligible to be a Programme Representative for a year, a student must be a member of the School of Mathematics and be taking at least two School of Mathematics courses. The recruitment process happens in Week 1 of Semester 1. Before applying to become a Programme Rep, students must read the School of Mathematics representation statement to make sure they are happy with what the role involves.

The application process to become a Programme Rep for 2021-22 is now closed.

Student-Staff Liasion Committee (SSLC)

The Student-Staff Liaison Committees comprise Programme Reps and relevant members of staff, such as the Director of Teaching and undergraduate Year Coordinators, or PGT Programme Directors. The SSLC meets throughout the year to discuss the issues Reps bring forward which may include School and programme matters, teaching methods, assessment procedures, facilities and resources.

If students would like an issue raised at an SSLC meeting, they should contact their Programme Rep ideally two weeks prior to the next meeting. 

SSLC actions and minutes

The School is committed to keeping students informed of the changes that are made as a result of feedback from students at SSLC meetings.  All minutes and agendas from the UG and PGT meetings are archived online for viewing.

UG SSLC meeting schedule 2021-22

The undergraduate SSLC usually meets three times per academic year. Programme Reps can request that the Chair call an additional meeting at any time.

  • Wednesday 2:15-4pm, Week 5, Semester 1
  • Wednesday 2:15-4pm, Week 4, Semester 2
  • Wednesday 2:15-4pm, Week 9, Semester 2

UG SSLC Chair and School Rep - Yashh Sachin Kotecha

Deputy Chairs - Kat Kiernan, Kathleen Lloyd and Grace Wilson

PGT SSLC meeting schedule 2021-22

The PGT SSLC meets three times per academic year. Reps can request that the Chair call an additional meeting at any time. 

  • 1 Meeting Semester 1
  • 1 Meeting Semester 2
  • 1 Meeting Dissertation Period

Wider University representation

The Edinburgh University Students’ Association (EUSA) have a variety of elected Student Representatives who work across the University to act as a voice for various student communities and activities, for example mature students, trans and non-binary students, or those who are carers or parents.

Externally, the National Student Survey takes place yearly, in which final year students can contribute their thoughts on their experience at the University.