School of Mathematics Teaching

Teaching 2021/22

Key information for new and continuing undergraduate and postgraduate taught students at the School of Mathematics in the 2021/22 academic year.

If you are a student on a joint degree programme or are planning to take courses in other Schools please ensure you refer to the latest information in that School. The information below is specific to the School of Mathematics.

Here in the School of Mathematics, our plan is to deliver a mix of in-person and digital teaching for academic year 21-22, with the expectation that students will be in Edinburgh, unless travel restrictions or Covid-19 regulations prevent that.

It is very likely that physical distancing measures will still apply when the academic year starts in September 2021, and we are planning on this basis.

Work is underway to determine which rooms will be available for learning and teaching activity and what their capacities will be. However, we expect that Covid restrictions will limit our on-campus in-person teaching as follows. It is likely that large group teaching, many lectures for example, will be held online but in real-time, with recordings available. We expect and are planning to run our workshops and computer labs on-campus and in-person, but we will offer online workshop sessions for those students who are required to self-isolate at any point during a semester. 

The total amount of in-person, on-campus teaching you receive next academic year may vary depending on your programme of study, because partner Schools may make different choices in relation to the mix of in-person and online delivery.

We appreciate that this information is not detailed, but hope it provides an insight into what you can expect next academic year. We will share more information with you as soon as we can.

Please be assured that your safety and that of our staff remain paramount as is central to our planning. We continue to monitor government guidance on Covid-19 prevention measures and we’ll adjust our 2021-22 plans in response to any relevant changes.

Semester 1 Communications

Communications containing information on the return of students in Semester 1 of the Academic year 2021/22


Examination Information - August 2022