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School Health, Safety and Building Guidance

Information concerning School Health, Safety and Building Guidance



This web page provides access to essential information on using our buildings and on our individual responsibilities to help keep us all safe. If you have any questions or comments please feed these to We will inform you about any significant updates to this information but please do keep checking back.


Information for all students

Link to Induction to our Buildings on Campus video (ALL STUDENTS MUST WATCH THIS)

Updated slides for the "Induction to our Buildings on Campus" video (see above)

School of Mathematics (SoM) information for students - last updated 18 September 2020 (ALL STUDENTS MUST READ THIS)


Additional information for 1st year students (Appleton Tower)

Appleton Tower (AT) MOBUG re-opening handbook (FIRST YEAR STUDENTS MUST READ THIS)

Appleton Tower one way system

Link to Brief Appleton Tower induction video -


Additional information for all other students (JCMB)

JCMB one way system - Floor 1

JCMB one way system - Floor 2

JCMB one way system - Floor 3

JCMB one way system - Floor 4

JCMB one way system - Floor 5

JCMB one way system - Floors 6, 7 & 8

Teaching room information:

JCMB room 1501

JCMB room 3217

JCMB room 5205

JCMB room 5326

JCMB room 5327

JCMB room 5328

JCMB room 6201

JCMB room 6206

JCMB room 6301

One way system videos:

Entrance to 3217

3217 to exit

5th floor loop

Entrance to 1501

1501 to Exit

5310,11,12 (Study Space Rooms) to Exit

6309 (Study Space Room) to Exit

6309 (Study Space Room) to Teaching Room 1501

6th floor foyer to 6301, 6201, 6309 (Study Space Room)

1501 to 5310,11,12 (Study Space Rooms)

1501 to 6309 (Study Space Room)

3217 to 5310,11,12 (Study Space Rooms)

3217 to 6309 (Study Space Room)

5th foyer to 1501

6th Floor Foyer to Staff Common Room

1501 to Exit

3217 to 1501

3217 to Exit

Building Entrance to 53 Corridor

Building Entrance to 1501

Building Entrance to 6301, 6201 and 6309 (Study Space Room)