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MathClans is a student-led initiative that helps new students join and settle into the School of Mathematics community.

Here in the School of Mathematics, we want to create a sense of belonging and a welcoming, supportive environment for all students who join us. You'll meet people through your accommodation and any societies you might join too, but your School is a ready-made community who you'll study with, face the same challenges and develop life-long friendships with.

To help incoming students settle into our community, starting this academic year 2021/22 all new students will have the opportunity to be a part of MathClans. MathClans is a student-led initiative in which groups of continuing students (2-3) take a lead on supporting a group of new students settle into the School of Mathematics community.

On joining the School of Mathematics, new students will be assigned a Clan. Clans are a group of new students who have two or three continuing students as their Clan Leaders. Clan Leaders:

  • Meet you during your initial induction activities at the start of Semester 1.
  • Organise social and community events for your Clan.
  • Guide your Clan to organised events.
  • Act as a general mentor, answering questions about the School of Mathematics from a student perspective.

If you have any academic questions, you should contact your Personal Tutor. If you need pastoral support, you should contact the Student Support Team. Both your Personal Tutor and the Student Support Team are able to provide the best possible support and advice for you, as well as help with a wide range of administrative and practical issues to do with your degree programme.

Becoming a Clan Leader

The School of Mathematics is looking for continuing students to sign up to become Clan Leaders in our new Math Clans initiative.

2021/2022 Clan Leaders

Meet your Clan Leaders for 2021/22 - Find out who they are, their favourite things and a few words of wisdom.