School of Mathematics Teaching


Information about student study spaces and facilities.

University libraries

The University has excellent library facilities.

KB (Murray) library

Main library

General library information

King's Buildings

Summary of the facilities at King's Buildings

Transport to King's Buildings

The University provides a free shuttle bus service for staff and students to travel between the Central Area and the King's Buildings.

Shuttle bus information and timetables

Lothian bus information

James Clerk Maxwell Building

Building access details for the JCMB at King's Buildings, where almost all teaching takes place. 

Period Times Restriction
Normal working period Mon-Fri 8am-6pm. No restriction on access.
Late working period Mon-Fri 5am-10pm, Sat-Sun and holidays 9am-7pm excluding Christmas. Swipe to access with PIN.
Out-of-hours period - You are not permitted to be in the building and your student card should not give you access.

If you are found in the building when you are not permitted to be then you must leave when asked to do so. In particular, you may not sleep in the building.


Any general hardware or software problems should be reported to the Maths IT Helpdesk.

Maths IT Helpdesk contact information

MSc Lecture and computing rooms

The MSc Lecture room is  JCMB 1501. When OR MSc classes are not taking place in JCMB 1501 this room is available as a workroom. Near 1501 is a pantry with a sink, fridge, cupboards and kettle for the use of all occupants of the "15" corridor.

MSc Hub

The School's MSc Hub is JCMB 6309. It has a study area and kitchen facilities. If you would like to use a locker, you can ask for a key for a deposit of £5 from the Programme Secretary. 

The MSc Hub is also where we have MSc Base.

MSc Base​

  • Mondays 9am (Wks 1-3) - Financial Mathematics (FMO/CMF) - Calum Strange​

  • Wednesdays 10am - Statistics (SwDS/SOR) –  Nina Fischer​

  • Thursdays 3pm - Operational Research programmes (OR) – Claire Zhang