School of Mathematics Teaching


The feedback system and how to make the most of it.

Feedback is all the information we receive to tell us how well we are doing at an activity. It is important for improving our performance.

Getting feedback is a two-way process. You are expected to read the feedback you receive and to try and make the most of it. If you cannot understand the feedback or do not know how to apply it, you should ask the person who gave it for clarification.

Feedback to you

  • You will be given feedback in workshops.  Your tutor will give you instant feedback to guide your progress. 

  • Hand-ins are an opportunity to get feedback from your tutor on your understanding, mathematical writing and presentation style.

  • We encourage you to work with other students in workshops, MathsBase and other private study. This is an opportunity to receive feedback from each other.

  • In lectures there are often opportunities to get feedback on your understanding. Don't be afraid to ask questions.

  • Your Personal Tutor will provide feedback to you on your overall progress. 

Feedback from you

  • Your class representatives listen to you to identify areas for improvement, suggest solutions, and ensure that your views inform decisions within the University.
  • The Student-Staff Liaison Committee is a group of class reps and staff from within the School. They report to the School Teaching Committee, which monitors, updates and improves our teaching and degree programmes.  
  • Course Enhancement Questionnaires (CEQs) are important because they provide feedback to the School about how the courses are running. Please find the time to complete this questionnaire at the end of each course. About Course Enhancement Questionnaires               

       CEQ questions/results/response rates/reports and comparisons can be found here: CEQ results  

  • Path allows you to rate your courses and review them to help fellow students with their course choice.  
  • If at any time you feel that the normal channels of feedback have not addressed an issue, you are encouraged to contact the Senior Tutor, Director of Teaching or Head of School as appropriate who will do their best to resolve it.
  • There are suggestion boxes in the MathsBase and MathsHub and suggestions go directly to the Head of School.  

Prompt and constructive feedback on your general progress in each course and for particular items of continuous assessment is an important aspect of your learning on the programmes. Feedback will be communicated in various ways and will vary from course to course.