School of Mathematics Teaching


This page explains what the expectations are around attendance in your studies.


You are expected to attend all your classes to the best of your ability. We collect attendance to check that you are engaging fully with your studies in order to provide support promptly in case of any problems. Additionally, if you are an international student on a Tier 4 visa, UKVI require us to monitor your attendance regularly. More details on attendance for international students can be found on the international students' page.

International students rights and responsibilities 

In classes, you will use your own wifi-enabled device (phone, tablet or laptop) to register your attendance through Top Hat.

Creating a Top Hat student account


If you will be absent for less than a week there is no need to inform the School unless you are going to miss a deadline, in which case contact the course secretary. If you require an extension for a deadline, then email the Course Organiser. 

If you will be absent for more than a week from lectures for medical, personal, or other reasons, then contact your Personal Tutor or the Student Support Team.

Special circumstances