School of Mathematics Teaching

MathsBase and MathsHub

The MathsBase and MathsHub are study space for undergraduate maths students


The MathsBase is a drop-in study space staffed by tutors 10am-noon and 1pm-4pm each weekday during the semester. It is located KB House, Room 1.45.

MathsBase is available to all students studying a Year 1 or Year 2 School of Mathematics course and can be used as a study room during the day. Tutors are happy to help with questions from any part of the course. 

Bookings can be made via this MathsBase Bookings page which is accessed through the button below. Booking is esstenial for year 2 courses and optional for year 1, this is primarily a drop in service and you are able to just go along for support.

Courses covered by MathsBase and MathsTeam from September to May

Semester 1

Course Code

Course Name


Fundamentals of Algebra and Calculus


Introductory Mathematics with Applications


Introduction to Linear Algebra


Engineering Mathematics 1a / Mathematics for the Natural Sciences 1a

MATH08062 Accelerated Algebra and Calculus for Direct Entry  
MATH08071 Accelerated Proofs and Problem Solving
MATH08068 Facets of Mathematics
MATH08066 Probability
MATH08063 Several Variable Calculus and Differential Equations
Semester 2
Course Code Course Name
MATH08058 Calculus and its Applications
MATH08059 Proofs and Problem Solving
MATH08075_MATH08073 Engineering Mathematics 1b / Mathematics for the Natural Sciences 1b
MATH08051 Statistics (Year 2)
MATH08064 Fundamentals of Pure Mathematics
MATH08065 Computing and Numerics


Advance booking for year 2

As year 2 courses become more specialised than year 1, we ask that you book a meeting with tutor.

Meetings are available during normal MathsBase hours as long as the tutor has experience teaching material from the relevant course. Bookings can be made up to four days in advance so if no time is available then please try again the next day.

Book a 20 minute meeting in MathsBase

After booking, you will be sent a meeting invite by email. Both individuals and groups are welcome, if you would like to join as a group then one person should book the 20-minute meeting and share the information with the others.


Note that appointments may not be made more than four days in advance.

If you have any questions about MathsBase or the online booking then please contact David Quinn (




The MathsHub consists of rooms 5310, 5311 and 5312 in the JCMB.

It is a suite of rooms for the sole use of undergraduate Mathematicians as a study space.


In 5312 there is a kitchen, however the facilities are currently restricted to using the tap for water.  


In 5311 there is quiet study space.


5310 is equipped with Interactive Smart TV with WiFi-based projection for portable devices like laptops. You can use it for practising presentations or group project meetings. Otherwise, there is quiet study space.


MathsHub main room
MathsHub main room
MathsHub kitchen area
MathsHub kitchen area
MathsBase from the entrance
MathsBase and Quiet Study Space
MathsBase from inside with sign
MathsBase seating
MathsBase Seating
Sofas and Whiteboard in MathsBase
Sofas and Whiteboard in MathsBase