School of Mathematics Teaching

Accelerated programme

Entry requirements and transferring between the broad programmes and accelerated programme as a new student.

It is possible to start the following degrees in Year 2 of the programme:

  • BSc Mathematics
  • BSc Applied Mathematics
  • BSc Mathematics & Statistics
  • BSc Mathematics & Physics
  • MMath Mathematics
  • MMath Applied Mathematics

Entry Requirements

The normal entry requirements for the accelerated programme are:

  • SQA Advanced Highers: AAA to include Mathematics. One further science subject is recommended.
  • A Levels: A*AA in one set of exams to include A* Mathematics, and Further Mathematics at A.
  • IB: 38 points overall and award of IB Diploma with 766 at HL to include Mathematics (from 2021, Mathematics: Analysis and approaches only) at Grade 7. Further Mathematics is recommended.

Equivalent qualifications will be considered.

New students looking to transfer to the accelerated programme should also have achieved at least 75% on the diagnostic test.

During the accelerated programme

  • Your degree will be one year shorter
  • You will spend most of your time on Mathematics compared to doing outside courses in other subjects in your first two years on the broad programme
  • You will be part of a relatively small group of students doing different courses from the rest of the new students
  • You will be expected to work hard. Many students find this programme is a big jump from their experience of mathematics at school. Even our normal Year 1 is considered by students as challenging. (Note that most of our first-year students have mathematics grade A in Advanced Higher or A-Level.)

You will take accelerated versions of the Year 1 courses. These are:

  • Accelerated Algebra and Calculus
  • Accelerated Proofs and Problem Solving

Changing between accelerated and broad programmes

You can only switch between the accelerated and broad programmes during the first two weeks of the first semester. If you have any doubts about your choice you should speak to your Personal Tutor as soon as possible.

Transferring from the accelerated to the broad programme

It is possible to transfer to Year 1 from the accelerated programme. If you would like to do so you should discuss this with your Student Adviser who will change your programme year and enroll you on the correct courses. 

Transferring from the broad programme to the accelerated programme

If you satisfy the entry requirements and want to transfer to the accelerated programme then you should discuss this with your Student Adviser. Note that the entry requirements are strict. You will only be able to transfer if you fully satisfy the requirements. It is also possible to change degree programme to one that offers an accelerated programme if necessary.