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Staff contact details.

How the Mathematics Teaching Office (MTO) are managing student queries


Head of School Iain Gordon
Undergraduate Senior Personal Tutor Max Ruffert
Year 1 Academic Coordinator Nikolaos Bournaveas
Year 1 Administrator Louise DurieFrances Reid
Year 2 Academic Coordinator Nikolaos Bournaveas
Year 2 Administrator Martin Delaney
Year 3 Academic Coordinator

Vanda Inacio De Carvalho

Year 3 Administrator Greta Mazelyte
Year 4 Academic Coordinator Johan Martens
Year 4 Administrator

Alison Fairgrieve

Year 5 Academic Coordinator Heather Yorston
Year 5 Administrator Martin Delaney

Student Support

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  • Please email us here at Student Support with any queries. Replies will be sent as soon as possible.

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