School of Mathematics Teaching

Mathematics Teaching Office (MTO)

How we are managing student queries - Online

The Mathematics Teaching Office have a variety of ways to help with your queries.


- Email - For quick queries that will likely be easily resolved or you are unsure whether you need to have a meeting

- Arrange an online meeting


  • Email Query or Online Meeting

If you have an email query or would like to arrange an online meeting, please contact:

- The course administrator (secretary)   - The programme year administrator (UG)  

- The Programme Administrator (PGT)   - Our mailbox


Attending an online meeting

If you are attending an online meeting outside of the UK, please double check what time the meeting will occur in your time zone. We will arrange meetings using the UK time zone (GMT/BST).

In most cases, the online meetings will occur on Teams. Please ensure that you are logged into your University of Edinburgh account when using Teams for meetings.

If you are unable to access Teams, please let us know when arranging the meeting.