School of Mathematics Teaching

Mathematics Teaching Office (MTO)

How we are managing student queries - Online and On-Campus

The Mathematics Teaching Office have a variety of ways to help with your queries.


- Email - For quick queries that will likely be easily resolved or you are unsure whether you need to have a meeting

- Arrange an online meeting

- Arrange an in-person meeting

- Ad hoc meeting


  • Email Query or Online Meeting

If you have an email query or would like to arrange an online meeting, please contact:

- The course administrator (secretary)   - The programme year administrator (UG)  

- The Programme Administrator (PGT)   - Our mailbox


Attending an online meeting

If you are attending an online meeting outside of the UK, please double check what time the meeting will occur in your time zone. We will arrange meetings using the UK time zone (GMT/BST).

In most cases, the online meetings will occur on Teams. Please ensure that you are logged into your University of Edinburgh account when using Teams for meetings.

If you are unable to access Teams, please let us know when arranging the meeting.


  • In person Meetings – appointment required  

Due to social distancing restrictions, we can only accommodate 1 student in the MTO at one time.  Due to the location of MTO and space available, a queueing system is not possible. Therefore, if you would like to see a member of the MTO in person, it is necessary that you contact us to arrange an appointment.    


Please contact to arrange an appointment. Please include the following information in your email:

-  Your name/UUN

-  What you would like to see us about

-  Your preference for date and time

-  How long you need to see us for

-  Let us know if there is a specific person in the team you would like/need to see    


We will be in touch to confirm your meeting if this time and date is available. If it is not, we will offer an alternative. Please note that meetings are subject to availability and office hours.

MTO hours are 9am – 5pm (GMT/BST), Monday to Friday. We are unable to arrange meetings outside of these times.

Where possible, we encourage you to arrange an in person meeting on a day where you will be on campus for teaching activities.


Attending your pre-arranged meeting
Mathematics Teaching Office

Please remember to follow the Scottish Government’s, the University of Edinburgh’s and the School of Mathematics’ guidance to ensure all Health and Safety measures are complied with and that you keep yourself and others safe. You can find copies of this guidance here:

School of Mathematics: Using our Buildings

Good Citizen Guide

The School of Mathematics has made every effort to ensure that both students and staff are safe during this time. As such, when attending an in-person it is very important that you read and follow the signs that are stationed around the office space and building.    


Safety measures in place:

- Hand sanitiser for you to use on arrival/exit

- Clear reception screen

- A designated space and signage for where to stand    


On arrival:

- Please do not arrive too far ahead of your meeting slot to avoid queuing.

- Please only enter the MTO if the space is vacant.

- You should enter the MTO at the time of your appointment and wait for a member of the MTO to come to you.

- The member of MTO staff will be wearing a face covering.


  • Ad hoc meetings

It is not possible to accommodate students visiting the MTO without an appointment. However, if you are in the building, or close by, and would like to make a last minute appointment, please contact us by telephone to see if we have availability.

- The programme year administrator (UG)  

- The Programme Administrator (PGT)