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Personal development

Ways you can develop including joining MathSoc, becoming a student ambassador, the outreach team and opportunities across the University.

Student representation

Becoming a class representative is a great way to improve your communication skills and you can make a real contribution to improvements in our teaching.

About the class rep role

Outreach team

If you have a passion for mathematics and an enthusiasm for communicating it to the outside world then you should seriously consider joining our Outreach Team in the School of Mathematics. It's a fantastic opportunity to meet people from different year groups, receive professional communications training, get experience in teamwork and project organisation, flex your creative muscles and generally have a great time. No prior experience is required although you should demonstrate enthusiasm and a willingness to learn.

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If you enjoy attending MathPALs in pre-honours, you may like to give something back by becoming a MathPALs leader in later years. You will receive full support and training, as well as opportunities for personal development.

What is MathPALs?


MathSoc provides the perfect opportunity for maths students and those interested in maths to get together. They host regular socials and lots of varied events like pub quizzes, barbecues and an annual ball. MathSoc also supports and hosts academic events, from mini-lectures by MathSoc members to full general interest lectures by academic staff from across the University. 

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Student Ambassadors

When potential students come to visit the School, it is very important that they have an opportunity to meet current students who can tell them what it is like studying here. Look out for opportunities via email throughout the year.

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Student experience grants

Student experiences grants support you if you have an innovative project which will develop yourself in various ways. Find out more about student experience grants and how they will benefit you through the following link.

Student experience grants