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Extensions & late submissions

Information about coursework extensions and late submissions.

Late submission of coursework

Your course Learn page should detail the submission deadlines of all assessed work.

Assessments where late submissions are not accepted

It may have been decided that for particular pieces of assessed work, late submissions are not accepted. In most cases, late submissions are not permitted for regular hand-in work worth in total less than 10% of the assessed course.  The reason for this is that we provide feedback (in the form of solutions) soon after submission for educational reasons.  In order to make some allowance for unusual circumstances, we often assess such work on the basis of “best n-1 out of n attempts” or “best n-2 out of n attempts” so that if you miss/don’t do as well on one or two hand-ins, you can still score maximum marks. 

Where an assessment does not allow for late submissions, you cannot apply for an extension and you cannot use a related Learning Adjustment.

Submissions received after the deadline will score zero.

Late Penalties - for assessments that allow late submissions

For assessments that allow late submissions, a late penalty will be applied as per Regulation 28 Taught Assessment Regulations Academic Year 2022/23. "The penalty applied is a reduction of the mark by 5% of the maximum obtainable mark per calendar day (e.g. a mark of 65% on the common marking scale would be reduced to 60% up to 24 hours later). This applies for up to seven calendar days (or to the time when feedback is given, if this is sooner), after which a mark of zero will be given."


Please contact the Course Administrator if you have any questions regarding the above information. You can find the Course Administrator contact details via the ‘course contacts’ tab on the course Learn page.  


Extensions, Special Circumstances and Learning Adjustments

At the University of Edinburgh we are committed to supporting you during your studies and want to make sure there’s nothing preventing you from succeeding in your assessments. We know that sometimes things can happen in your life, which are beyond your control, but that you feel may have an adverse impact on your academic performance. Therefore, we have a dedicated Extensions and Special Circumstances service so that you can apply for an extension (for a maximum of three calendar days) or special circumstances (when circumstances have meant a significant impact on your performance, or resulted in non-attendance or non-submission for an assessment), when you need to.

Extensions and Special Circumstances

You can apply for an extension and/or special circumstances online via the Assessment Support Tool. You will be able to access the system via MyEd as well as via the Extensions and Special Circumstances website. The website also has a dedicated ‘Applying for support’ page that will guide you through all steps of the application process for both, extensions and special circumstances. Click here for more information.

  • Extensions The system allows you to apply for a single coursework extension, or to select several assignments across different courses, all in one application. You should submit your application before your assignment deadlines.

    Extension requests are expected to be used for short-term acute events so we would not expect to receive a request for an extension more than 2 weeks in advance of the deadline. 

    Ongoing, longer term mitigating circumstances impacting your studies in general should be discussed with your Personal Tutor or your School Student Support Team and Special Circumstances submitted or a Learning Profile should be obtained.    

  • Special Circumstances You should submit your application as soon as you think something will or has impacted your assessments. The Extensions and Special Circumstances team are here to help, and you can contact them directly with any questions about your application*. The team aim to respond to you within two working days.

Your Personal Tutor (PT) and/or Student Support Officer (SSO) in your School are your first point of contact should you wish to discuss your circumstances with them, access wider support from the University, and if you need help submitting your application.

Learning Adjustments

This is for when you have a registered learning adjustment with Student Disability Service that permits extra time on submissions and you'd like to access your extra time. Accessing your learning adjustments is not part of the Assessment Support Tool. You can view and access your learning adjustments by going to the ’Disability support’ page within your MyEd student account.

*ESC email:


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