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Extensions & late submissions

Information about coursework extensions.

Late submissions and extensions

University Policy

  • It may be decided that for particular pieces of assessed work, late hand-ins are not accepted.
  • For all other work, late hand-ins are accepted for up to seven calendar days (or to the time when feedback is given, if this is sooner).   A late submission penalty is applied: the mark is reduced by 5% of the maximum obtainable mark per calendar day. Work more than 7 days late is given a mark of zero.
  • Extensions of up to seven days may be permitted if a student can provide evidence of circumstances beyond their control which affected their ability to submit the work on time.  Examples of circumstances which would be considered as valid/invalid for coursework extensions can be found under Regulation 28 in the Taught Assessment Regulations.
  • Students must submit their request for an extension as early as possible and this MUST be submitted before the coursework deadline. However, note that extension requests are expected to be used for short-term acute events so we would not expect to receive a request for an extension more than a week in advance of the deadline.  Ongoing, longer term mitigating circumstances impacting your studies in general should be discussed with your Personal Tutor or Student Learning Advisor and Special Circumstances submitted or a Learning Profile should be obtained.

School policy

  • Your Learn page for each course should state information on late hand-ins of assessed work.
  • In most cases, late submission is NOT permitted for regular hand-in work worth in total no more than 20% of the course.  The reason for this is that we provide feedback (in the form of solutions) soon after hand-in for educational reasons.  In order to make some allowance for unusual circumstances, we normally assess such work on the basis of “best n-1 out of n attempts” or “best n-2 out of n attempts” so that you can miss one or two hand-ins while still scoring maximum marks. 
  • If for circumstances beyond your control your ability to complete assessed hand-ins is compromised beyond one or two hand-ins, you should submit a special circumstances form.

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